Damian Munoz, Musician / Photographer


Listen to Damian talk about any number of his passions—design, art, guitar, fashion—and you’ll know within moments that the man has done his homework. Founder of the culture blog Point of References, Damian’s mind is a repository for the nitty gritty details of whole design and cultural histories, namely but not only, that of the Fender Stratocaster. When he isn’t hanging art, he is freelancing as a photographer, or as a writer, or musician. He has a yin for fashion, and through his website and Instagram page, publishes street-style fashion photography, in the vein of Bill Cunningham or the Sartorialist. His method is simple: he observes, he approaches, he asks, he shoots. People are more willing to have their picture taken than one might think, especially when armed with a compliment about their sneakers, their technicolor windbreaker, or their watch. This week, he is in New York for Fashion Week, stocking up on the latest trends, the weirdness, the hype, the details.