Songs for the Soul Philly, 4/13/2019

Songs for the Soul Philly is a monthly concert series founded by Solomon Thorne (see profile below). SFTS seeks to “heal, uplift and edify the soul” through the power of music. On Saturday, April 13, 4 artists, including Nana B Cool, Nic Hanson, Sakinah Scott, and Hannah Lorimer, were poised to perform through the night, backed by a band that, despite having only had a week of practice, sounded like they were deep in the pocket.

Solomon and co. pushed all of the furniture on Maison 208’s 2nd story to the walls, opening up the floor wide for the taking. SFTS seeks to demolish cliques, to correct misunderstandings, to give people a safe space to share their selves and stories through voice, dance, and conversation. I was lucky to capture these portraits before 9:30 PM, when the cops had to shut the party down due to health code violations.

Special thanks to everyone who came out, the organizers, the talent, and to those folks featured here in this first of what I hope will be an extensive look at the way people gather in Philadelphia.