Ill Fated Natives, Rock 'N Roll

Ill Fated Natives Keepers-20.jpg

Ill Fated Natives are doing for the Philly indie music scene what the hardcore punks were doing for DC in 80s: taking on societal injustice by speaking truth to power. Ill Fated put on one of the most memorable shows I have seen in ages at Gilbert’s Shoes, a shoe store cum DIY performance space, on Ridge Avenue. The show headed up a recent exhibition they curated called “Rock is Black Culture,” an effort to reclaim the narrative around rock ‘n roll as heritage that belongs to Elvis Presley and reminder of, like many things in this country, who really built the foundation that allowed it to thrive. Ill Fated play loud. They play fast. And they unabashedly call out the forces of oppression and injustice both in between and during their songs.